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It takes a village to succeed in Show Jumping!

It takes years of training, endless hours of work and a great team to make it all come together and succeed the short few minutes wile in the competition ring. The daily care of the horses from our amazing grooms that pay attention to the smallest little details to keep our horses feeling the best, the farrier, veterinarians, equine therapists, family, friends, supporters and not to forget our fantastic sponsors that makes it all work, it could not be done without any of you!



Special Thanks to my coach and mentor Bernie Traurig that has helped me successfully move up to a higher level and also helped me put together our dream team!  Thanks to my close family, barn family and friends from all over the world for being amazing and supportive!

Big Thanks to Our Sponsors for continued support!!!

Our show horses

Parkmore LUX

2005 by Lux Z - Cool Corran Cool Diamond

Landlyst's Leroy

2002 by Solos Landtinus - Lantadel


2009 by Contender - Liostro


2006 by Clinton I - Calando I

Looking to buy or lease a horse?

Please contact us for information on our horses!

most of our show horses are for sale but we also have youngsters and other horses.


If you want to buy your horse directly in Europe we can help you find it at reasonable prices, arrange for travel and other needs.  


Please Contact us for more Info