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Hanna Mauritzson grew up in Sweden where she started riding at the age of 6 at the local riding school, Stall Sperlinge. She spent every second she could in the barn riding and caring for the horses at the riding school. "We got to try everything from volting, pony racing, dressage, eventing, jumping, swiming with the horses in the ocean and gallop over the fields".


Hanna educated her self through the Swedish Equestrian Federation and became a certified trainer before she left for Germany when she was 19 years old. In Germany she worked as a groom and rider in one of the most famous show and breeding barns in Holstein. "I was lucky that I got to ride so many amazing horses (including many of their breeding stallions) and work with top grooms and riders to learn about the care and training they put in at the top level" .


A few years later, after working in different sales barns and training horses and clients, Hanna opened her own barn in north San Diego.  After taking some time building up the facility and getting the business going she started showing more seriously and slowly built her way up to the Grand prix level. 2016 was her most successful year where she excelled to achive wins and placings on international level at shows like Spruce Meadows (Canada) and the LA Masters (USA) where she represented her home country Sweden. Hanna and her top mount Parkmore Lux finished the year with a 5th place in the 100,000 Worldcup Qualifier in Las Vegas where she collected her first worldcup points.


Hanna's approch with the horses are  based on understanding the horse, creating a partnership and customize a program for each horse to keep them healthy and just as important super happy.  "Our horses all gets grass turnouts or grazing time, daily walker and riding when we are at home. At the horse shows we get the horses out of their stalls as much as possible so they can move around and feel good. We are asking our horses to perform and be top athletes so they also need to get treated as such, we want them to enjoy the training and every competition just as much as we do." 

Hanna's goals are to pursue her dreams of successfully showing at the top level of showjumping and represent her country (Sweden) in future championships and the Olympics.

"A lot of things has to come together to be successful at the top level, but with a great team, we have already come quite far and I'm determine to keep going as long as I can. I was not born in to a horse family or got horses handed to me, so it's nice (even if it has taken many many years) to know that hard work pays off and even though you need some luck and some help at the end, I think there is always a way if you really want it ".  "We are working on building a nice string of horses from the bottom and up, we work to bring the best out of each horse by customize their training program to their physical needs and also to keep them happy and in their best spirit. Our horses are family and their wellbeing is our top priority!"

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