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Pay & Jump - OPEN COURSE

Taken from a European concept made to give horses and riders a chance to gain experience in a show like settings for a reasonable fee, we offer these training days here at swede where you can come and school your horse over a nice course without pressure. We have a set course for the day with options to suit both green and experienced horses and riders.

Book your individual time (we give you a minimum of 15 minutes in the jumping ring) or book a group session where you and your friends can spend a longer time in the arena with several horses together. If you are an amateur you can even bring your trainer or also as a proffessional your ground crew. 

You can adjust the hight, jump all the jumps or maybe just a single one..:)

You can simply school what you like and you have time to work and focus on what you and your horse needs. 

We will open up a few afternoons during the summer for schooling, dates will be published a few weeks before on our website and social media outlets!!! feel free to contact us if you like to school between set dates as well!
email us for more info!
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